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Anyone using our site, Medicine Online, must abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement in the following terms

The first item: a site that specializes in publishing the correct information and wonderful and different pictures of medicine, prescriptions and therapeutics, and everything related to the medical field. That is why everyone must adhere to the topic and scope of the site

The second condition is: Not to talk about our site on any other platform or to speak the name of the site on it, such as the Facebook and Twitter platform

Follow us through our official account that pertains to our website only

The third item: It is forbidden to put any external links, any comments, or any posts, words, or pictures that may offend modesty and violate the accepted public morals

Fourth item: It is forbidden to defame our website or use it in defamation from any other external bodies or bodies or any other persons, individuals and external institutions

Fifth Item: We allow the participants with us on our site to make comments or responses with quotations for other posts on or outside the site but they are required to preserve the intellectual property rights of the main subject who wrote it with mentioning the main source of each post, whether this post or other post

Sixth item: Please everyone who uses the comments section on any topic of our website or every section of our site only through the use of phrases, texts, words and pictures appropriate for that which pertain to the topic of each section separately and that speaks and speaks on the heart of the subject itself and not going into In matters related to other side issues, it has nothing to do with the topic or the section

Item Seven: It is forbidden to misuse our site or defame it in any other purposes such as political, partisan, or other specific directions, class, group, or in racism

These were some of the points that we should all stick to

Therefore, everyone must abide by all those conditions mentioned in this agreement to use our site

We want to make our site an important platform for conveying different information and images about medicine and various treatments in all natural and chemical ways and useful medical prescriptions in Medicine Online