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  Steps to clean your skin at home

     Remove make-up, wash your face tie hair with hair ties

     To keep it away from the face during the skin-cleaning process, and to completely remove make-up before washing the face with cleanser and warm water, and make-up can be removed, in addition to washing the face in a natural way that does not cause harm to the skin, and the method is:
     Ingredients: jojoba oil, or almond oil, or olive oil.
      Preparation: Put the oil on the skin, then remove it with warm water.
   Skin peeling The skin appears pale when dead skin cells accumulate on it, so the peel is used;
     Because it gently removes the dead skin from the skin, and adds shine to it, and in the absence of a scrub, natural peelers can be used. Of milk), or (one teaspoon of ground oats, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of olive oil), or (one teaspoon of ground almonds, one 
teaspoon of honey, and one teaspoon of water).

     Preparation method:
     choose one of the previous mixes; To be used in skin peeling. Wet the face, and apply the scrub in circular motions.
    Press on the skin while you peel it, but not rub it harshly.
   Massage the face with scrub for a few minutes.
     Wash the face, and you can use a cloth dampened in warm water. To remove the scrub around eyes and nose. Dry the skin with a pad using a soft towel.
    Skin massage, epidermal massage; To increase blood circulation in the face, thus obtaining a bright and healthy complexion,
       Massaging the face with gentle circular motions, using the fingers (index and middle fingers). Massage the forehead, starting in the middle of it, then move down to the temple area. Nose and cheek massage.
   Massage the lips, chin and jaw area. Steam Steam treatment of the skin opens the pores of the skin, thus preparing the skin for a face mask, and the steam can be done alone, or add several few drops of an essential oil to the water, such as: lavender oil, rose oil, or grapefruit oil, and you can also add several A few bags of any herbal tea, such as: chamomile tea, or mint tea, in case the essential oil is not available, and the method of treating the skin with steam is:
     Ingredients: A small bowl of boiling water.
    A towel.     Essential oil, or herbal tea (optional from what was mentioned previously).

     Boil the water, then put it in a small bowl. Add a few drops of an essential oil, or a few bags of herbal tea (optional).
     Stand over the bowl with the towel wrapped over the head, so that the steam from the water is trapped around the face only.
     Steam the face for five minutes, and you can go out into the air as needed.
Skin mask The face mask extracts dirt and dead skin (impurities) from the pores of the 
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