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Recipes that help skin care

 The first lemonade recipe

 Lemon juice with milk and honey

 Mix equal amounts of lemon juice, milk, honey and the skin application for 15 minutes, wash the skin with cold water

 The second recipe

 Lemon juice with distilled water

 Use normal water and normal skin to symbolize wiping or massages on the skin, using plain water and dry color or massaging on the skin

 And treat oily skin

 the ingredients

 Clay mask

 Rose water

 How to prepare

 Grate the soap and apply rose water, while stirring, until it becomes a suitable texture for applying the skin, leaving the skin and leaving it to dry completely and wash with cold water

 Wash oily skin twice per day using glycerin soap and avoid harsh soaps and cleansers

 The use of honeycomb depends on the most remedies which are an excellent type of alternative wood

 Blotting papers These papers reduce the appearance of skin oils as needed throughout the day

 Some tips that keep oily skin

 Excessive washing of the skin leads to dryness

 Eat foods foods foods foods

 In a moisturized, oil-free place, preferably natural materials, a bedtime application is recommended

 Cosmetic products must be used constantly and to limit the use of kim base direct on the skin. Aloe vera gel can be used. Use of daily foundation creams. Aloe vera gel prevents any concentration inside the pores and it is preferred for products that contain water more than oil.


 Facial cleansers:

 Facial cleansing and cleansing is an effective way to treat oily skin, and clean the face with it once in the morning and once at night with a gentle cleanser.

 Because harsh soaps stimulate the skin and increase sebum production, and if the cleanser does not reduce the sebum, you can try other products such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid, and these products fall under the marketing of acne face care products.

 Good for problematic oily skin considering several products have been tried;  Finding the best and appropriate product that does not cause skin irritation, in addition to washing the skin with warm water, and not washing it with hot water.

 Because it causes skin irritation as well.

 Toner: Opinions are divided about the use of toner for oily skin and its ability to reduce sebum, as astringent inks can irritate the skin, thus increasing sebum production.

 Others argue that toner should be used on oily areas, such as the forehead.

 , Nose and chin, and avoid using it in dry areas.

 Toners intended for oily skin can be purchased as long as they do not contain fragrance.


 Cosmetic blotting paper: Cosmetic blotting paper can remove fat without causing dry skin, and it can be used easily by applying it to oily areas of the skin and pressing on the paper without rubbing it for a period of 15-20 seconds, so that the paper absorbs the fat, and some papers contain  A light powder that reduces shine to oily skin.


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