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Black Seed Oil


The benefits of black seed oil
 Contain a group of compounds that provide a lot of health benefits. Scientists have investigated the potential benefits of black seed oil. However, most studies so far have only been applied to cells and animals, so more research is necessary to confirm the human efficacy of this oil. Some of the benefits of black seed oil are described:

Weight loss:

Black seed Oil  can reduce body mass index (bmi), and blackberry oil can help reduce obesity.

Preserving the skin:

It can help condition, soften, and condition hair despite a lack of scientific evidence.

It can also have an effect on eczema, as a study indicated that using Nigella sativa oil by eczema patients with prescribed medications has a role in reducing hand eczema. It can also be beneficial for psoriasis.

Reducing acne:

Research has shown that pool pill oil has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce acne.

Black seeds oil effect on some cancer cells:

Studies have shown that in thymoquinone
 black seed Oil
 can stimulate the apoptosis of several types of cancer cells, such as brain cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer.
 However, researchers do not yet know how effective black seed oil is in controlling cancer in humans and should not be used as a substitute for treatment.


Black seeds oil
Improving kidney and liver function: A study conducted on mice showed that black seed oil may improve the structure of the kidneys and liver, and reduce complications of diseases that affect these two organs, but it was not known whether this effect could be in humans. To reduce the risk of developing diabetes: An animal study showed that black seed oil may possess anti-diabetic properties and improve blood sugar levels, but there are no results that prove this. Impact on human beings.
 Treatment of male infertility: as it can help improve sperm motility, increase their number, and increase semen volume in men with infertility or a problem with sperm. Lowering blood pressure:
Taking black seed oil
 extract for two months can help to reduce high blood pressure when people's blood pressure is moderate.
Lowering cholesterol levels:
 The oil helps cool down the pill or black seed powder to lower the bound cholesterol.

Benefits of black seed oil for the skin: black seed oil helps to get rid of impurities from the skin, and gives the skin freshness and a clear radiance. Because it contains a lot of therapeutic fatty acids, which also help get rid of acne, delay the appearance of wrinkles, and remove dark spots on the skin. Black seed oil can be used for the skin by mixing a spoonful of black seed oil with a tablespoon of honey, and put the mixture on the face for half an hour, and wash the face with lukewarm water, and it is also possible to apply the face directly with black seed oil on the face, or mix it with a little oil Almond or olive oil.
 General benefits of black seed oil Strengthening the immune system:
 Black seed oil helps to strengthen the immune system, especially the weak immune system, and it helps to fight many diseases and germs.


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