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Benefits of Sun Flower

The benefits of sunflower oil the potential benefits of effectiveness Possibly Effective reduce the risk of heart disease: contains sunflower oil contains large amounts of oleic acid (in English: Oleic acid), and may help to eat it instead of other fat sources that contain high amount of saturated fat reduce the risk of heart disease, but it turns out that the types of sunflower oil that do not contain large amounts of oleic acid does not have the same effect, and can be taking back to the poorer types of sunflower oil the bottom of the article to see the difference between the different species don't. Helping to lower cholesterol levels: where I found one study published in the Journal of Medical Journal Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran 2017, were conducted on 96 people suffer from indigestion lipemia (English: Dyslipidemia)What is the presence of abnormal amounts of cholesterol or fat in the blood, it was observed that the intake of participants for sunflower oil and other types of oils for a period of six months, had no role in reducing the levels of harmful cholesterol, and total cholesterol, and triglycerides in the blood, after measuring the fat levels, it also increased the levels of good cholesterol in the blood. the benefits, there is insufficient evidence of effectiveness Insufficient Evidence to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis: in a study published in the journal Obesity Surgery 2017, was carried out on 79 patients suffering from atherosclerosis and divided them into different groups, gave each group a kind of vegetable oil including sunflower oil for 90 days, after the conduct of evaluations of life for them, showing that the group that took sunflower oil had lower value of examination of the thickness of the inner layer of the carotid arteries (in English: Carotid intima-media thickness) They have, is a test used to diagnose atherosclerotic disease has also improved the flow of blood through the blood vessels (English: Flow-mediated vasodilation) in this group, so may result in the consumption of unsaturated fats, such as; sunflower oil instead of saturated fat in the daily diet to reduce the risk of heart disease, the blood vessels especially in the elderly who suffer from overweight, or obesity.

Damage to sunflower seeds the degree of safety sunflower seeds are sunflower seeds healthy foods, but find the implementation to be important to its consumption in moderation, and therefore contain the element cadmium (in English: Cadmium); and which is one of the scarce items (in English: Trace element) that are available in the soil naturally, except that the amount of this aid will be higher in the soil where it is grown sunflower in some regions, As the sunflower plant purification of this metal from the soil to store it in their seeds, so the amounts of cadmium are elevated in the sunflower seeds more than other foods, and may do the quantities associated with of kidney damage when exposed to it for a long time, so should the recognition in the eating these seeds.caveats using sunflower seeds.


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