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Benefits of garlic and onions for the human body

Garlic and onions
Garlic and onions

Garlic and onions

Both garlic and onions belong to the narcissus family (Allium). The varieties which will be eaten during this family are often used for cooking, additionally, they contain active biological compounds, and therefore the functional characteristics of the kinds which will be eaten from this family are studied extensively within the laboratory. Including garlic, onions, leeks (English: Leeks), Andalusian shallot (Shallots), and chives. Onions have several types that differ in size, flavor, color, and shape, but the foremost common varieties are red onions, yellow, and white, and garlic may be a bulb crop that features a strong aroma, and it's believed that its origin belongs to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and western regions of China, and garlic are often utilized in many forms, such as fresh garlic, garlic powder, extract Aged garlic, all of which showed a positive health-promoting effect

Benefits of garlic and onions

Both garlic and onions contain many sulfur compounds that mainly contain active elements of the aminoalkanoic acid derivative cysteine, which break down into a spread of thiosulfinates and polysulfides by making an enzyme. Alliance during the extraction process, and therefore the analyzed substances are volatile substances found in garlic oil and onions, and that they have anti-diabetic and antibiotic properties, additionally to their ability to scale back cholesterol levels and enhance the fibrinolytic process that It reduces the occurrence of thrombosis in blood vessels, and lots of other biological processes, and within the following are some studies that were conducted on eating garlic and onions separately, et al. that were conducted on garlic and onions together: A study was published within the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2005, to review The effect of onion and garlic juice on biochemical rates, enzyme activity, and fat oxidation, in diabetic mice, as they got 1 milliliter of onion or garlic juice, to you For 100 grams of weight per day, for a period of 4 weeks, the results showed that onion and garlic juice has an antioxidant effect, reduces blood glucose levels, and should reduce the liver and kidney damage that diabetes causes to mice. A study published within the American journal of clinical nutrition in 2006 showed a military relationship between the number of times eating vegetables from the narcissus, and therefore the risk of developing several sorts of cancerous diseases common in humans, as a study was published within the Journal of Nutrition and Cancer in 2020, was wiped out which cases of carcinoma were identified during a group of 314 women, aged between 30 to 79 years, and another group of 346 women with no history of cancer aside from nonmelanoma carcinoma, and therefore the diet was followed. Through the food frequency questionnaire, it had been found that the quantity eaten of onions and garlic, which incorporates even the spices that also contain them, has an inverse relationship with carcinoma in women who eat garlic and onions in large or medium quantities, compared to With women who consumed little amount of garlic and onions, and within the end, the results of the study suggest that eating an outsized amount of onions and garlic reduces the danger of carcinoma in these areas. Collection. A study published within the journal Atherosclerosis was conducted on the effect of the essential oils in garlic and onions on rabbits that follow a diet rich in cholesterol, and therefore the results showed that prime levels of cholesterol as a result of following this diet for three months decreased as a result of consuming onion oil and garlic, as indicated by the study. Garlic oil is simpler compared to onion oil, additionally thereto these oils can reduce the buildup of fat within the aorta in rabbits. One study in mice, published in Biological chemical element Research in 2009, showed that onion and garlic extract has an impact that reduces the danger of liver exposure to oxidative damage caused by mice exposure to cadmium, as onion and garlic extract helps mitigate the consequences. The negativity of cadmium is significantly, and this effect may be caused by reducing fat oxidation, and enhancing the body's defense by using antioxidants, which cannot reduce the effect of cadmium that causes liver toxicity alone, as found in another study conducted on mice, published in Biometals 2008, that onion and garlic extract may have the effect of reducing cadmium damages, which is understood to be a toxic substance that causes damage to the kidneys through oxidative stress, by reducing lipid peroxidation within the kidneys, also as enhancing the antioxidant effect. This extract could also be a useful nutrient to scale back cadmium damage to the kidneys

General benefits of garlic

Garlic contains quite 33 sulfur compounds, additionally to several enzymes, and contains 17 amino acids, and minerals like selenium, and studies support garlic's possession of potential antibacterial benefits, and it's anti-oxidant properties, which can help reduce free radicals. it's worth noting that a 3-gram clove of garlic contains almost no calories, and eating an entire head of garlic adds only 4 calories to the diet, and as long as it's not consumed in large quantities during the day, it doesn't affect the calculation of calories. Eating it doesn't make a big difference to the quantity of food consumed daily, and carbohydrates are the source of calories in garlic, but they're very low, which is that the reason for the low calories in it, and garlic provides a couple of vitamins and minerals, together clove provides alittle amount of vitamin C , manganese

General benefits of onions

Onions are rich in nutrients, as they contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and are low in calories, and onions are an honest source of vitamin C , vitamin B6 , and manganese, because it contains less calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron, And folate, potassium, the antioxidant Quercetin, and sulfur, additionally to the very fact that onions are a source of fiber, they contain 0.9 to 2.6% of the fresh weight of onions, counting on the sort , as onions are rich in soluble fructans. Fructans), which is rich in plant compounds, antioxidants like quercetin, compounds containing sulfur, and different colors of onions like yellow and red have a greater amount of antioxidants compared to white onions

Are there benefits of onions and garlic for pregnant women

Onions and garlic contain many of the nutrients mentioned previously, except that there are not many studies that show the advantages of eating onions and garlic for pregnant women, but onions are classified among the safe products, but it's advised to avoid eating large quantities of it aside from those in food because it's not been proven how safe it's to eat Large quantities of it, and garlic is usually considered safe when consumed during pregnancy within the quantities usually found in food, but eating it in large quantities or medications like within the extracts, or nutritional supplements during pregnancy and lactation is probably going to be unsafe for health


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