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Benefits for Shea seeds


How do I use Shea Seeds for weight loss?

 There is no single cause of being overweight or obese.  Therefore, losing weight does not depend on one method or one step only, but a number of simple steps must be followed to lose weight gradually, and although studies have not proven the effectiveness of using Shea Seeds  for weight loss, it can be consumed in several ways to obtain its other benefits,  By adding it to a cup of milk or juice or grinding it and adding it to food recipes;  As it does not lose any of its nutritional value if it becomes in the form of a powder, and as we mentioned earlier, it gives a gelatinous texture, which makes it suitable for making healthy pudding, and it does not give any effect.  Strong taste that can be distinguished;  Therefore, it can be easily added to doughs, salads, soups, cakes and sauces. 


 Shea Seeds support many health benefits for the human body, including the following:

 Rich in fiber: Each 28 grams of chia seeds contains nearly half of your daily requirement for fiber, which is one easy way to increase your fiber intake.

 Intake is to eat more foods.  Vegetables such as fruits,  also vegetables, nuts and seeds.
 Helps lose weight: High-fiber foods help promote a feeling of fullness, in addition to being low in calories, eating a diet rich in fiber helps in losing weight, and Shea seeds  contain high levels of fiber and omega-3, which also helps in weight loss. 

 Contribute to treating diverticulitis: Eating a high-fiber diet helps reduce the likelihood of developing diverticulitis by increasing water in the colon, which facilitates bowel movement.

 It treats wounds, burns, rashes, as well as some insect bites.

 Because it contains many fatty acids, such as: linolenic acid and oleic acid, it can be used by mixing a teaspoon of Shea seeds oil with a teaspoon of walnut oil, mixing it well, placing the mixture on the affected areas, leaving it for ten minutes and then washing it.
 It treats many different diseases, such as: joint infections, muscle weakness, and severe infections.


 It protects the hair from all the problems that many people suffer from, as it softens and softens it, and gets rid of all dirt, germs and blemishes that distort its appearance, and it can be used by putting a teaspoon of shea butter oil on it.

 Massage the scalp well for ten minutes with the fingers of the hand and leave it for a quarter of an hour until it dries completely, then wash the hair with Luke warm water and shampoo as usual, and repeat this treatment twice a week.  To get the best results.  It lowers a large percentage of cholesterol in the blood, because it contains healthy fats that play a big role in protecting the body, so it is recommended for people with high levels.

 Cholesterol by adding shea butter oil to their daily diet.  It addresses the problem of nasal congestion associated with seasonal allergies that afflicts many people, and it can be applied by applying a little shea butter oil to the inner areas of the nostril, leaving it for a minute, and then washing it.  Comfortable water for five to eight hours.


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